How To Make Your Own Website With Bluehost

Today, we discuss on the how to make your own website with Bluehost.

Blogging, blogging and blogging !

Nowadays owning a blog is a trend but most of the people don’t know proper steps to create a blog and finally get confused.

How To Make Your Own Website

How To Make Your Own Website With Bluehost

In simple words, you want create your own website but don’t have know how to start a blog. No worry, Blogging Crush step by step tutorial will help you to complete your dream within 5 minutes.

Before you go ahead to make your own blog, I strongly recommend you to read below articles for creating successful blog.

To start your own blog you need following:

  • A domain name
  • A web hosting account with (you will get 1 free domain)

If you have domain from different domain registrant such as Godaddy, you can easily point it to your BlueHost hosting.

BlueHost is trusted since 1996 and is a well established brand for hosting services. If you search on Google about best hosting company, I am sure you will see BlueHost one among them.

There are many numbers of hosting company that provide cheap and reliable Hosting for WordPress, and Bluehost is not an exception. Around 30% of blog are hosted BlueHost just because of their good customer support.

They have different hosting packages and according to your need you can opt any of them. You can also host unlimited number of domain on single hosting.

I wrote this tutorial for my newbie blogger friends who just want to install WordPress on Bluehost hosting.

You get optimum performance when you are running WordPress on BlueHost. In case you not aware, it is most recommended top quality webhosting in 2020 and had been for a long time. With BlueHost you get unlimited bandwidth, storage, excellent support and, and whatever need to run your WordPress blog.

You can consider the quality of BlueHost hosting from below image.

bluehost plan

Steps To Make Your Own Blog, Install WordPress On BlueHost

Although you can start your own blog for free, it has its own advantages and disadvantages. But self-hosted Wordress is one of the best platforms to start blogging and making money.

Before this tutorial I published some article on How to build a blog describing each steps, you can have a look for proper understanding. Now I am just continuing the sequel with BlueHost WordPress installation guide.

Unlike DreamHost, BlueHost give you standard cPanel hosting, which comes with Fantastico. With Fantastico you can easily install WordPress just with single click.

Now I assume you already purchased a BlueHost hosting, if not here is complete procedure from purchase to install WordPress on BlueHost.

To host WordPress blog web host must meet certain technical requirement and BlueHost qualify all of them. But still if you’re confused about it worthiness, I suggest to go for it once you will love it. It can withstand any amount of traffic.

And always use WordPress cache plugin with shared and VPS hosting.

So let’s get started.

The initial step for blog starter is get hosting.

STEP 1. Purchasing Website Hosting

To make your own blog the most important factor is hosting, it is the space where you store your files such as text, photos, videos and etc. It is same like hard disk drive on your computer.

Hosting company such as charges you for renting your files on their servers.

Bluehost home page

Once you sign up for BlueHost.

You need to select your plan. For your information, you will be paying for a year at least. So you can estimate the hosting cost of first year by multiplying monthly price with 12.

Note: Price decreases if you sign up for more than 1 year.

Hosting Plan

Starter plan is good if you have only one website to host.

Personally I recommend to choose Plus plan, you can host unlimited domains. If currently you have one website but have future plan to create more websites, it is the best plan that works.

Select your plan.

Don’t worry you will get option to register a domain name for free.

hosting package

Once the payment is made, you are directed to your cpanel.

bluehost cpanel

This is the operation area of your website.

Don’t get overwhelmed.

This makes it easy to install WordPress and get your website going quickly.

STEP 2: Installing WordPress through BlueHost cpanel

Scroll down to the cpanel page under website builder> Select WordPress from the list. It will take you to another page.

See above screenshot.

Now you will see a pop up saying Install.

Now you’ll get an option to select your domain on which you want to install WordPress.

If you have multiple domains, remember to choose the correct one from drop down menu.

On the next page, select the domain on which you want to install WordPress:

Install WP

Note: Here you can decide the URL of your website, like or i.e. with www or without www. Nowadays every one prefer shorter URL, so I suggest without www.

Wait ! it is not over yet.

Check on show advanced options:

Here you can give a title to your website, select your WordPress username and password for your login. Don’t forget to check on Automatic create a database.

wordpress login

Now you will see a running process snippet, don’t close the page until you get confirmation. It might take about 1 minute.


Congratulations !

WordPress is installed on your domain. An system generated email will be sent to the registered email address containing the login and password for your WordPress dashboard.

your domain and hosting is setup completely.

Now you can log into your WordPress blog.

STEP 3. Login to WordPress Dashboard.

Log in your WordPress dashboard by typing your

wordpress Login

Welcome to your WordPress dashboard.

This is how a fresh WordPress dashboard look alike.

Wordpress dashboard

Enjoy blogging..

Make your own blog on Bluehost here (get one free domain).

I would love to know about what your WordPress blog is about?

Use the comment box below to let me know if you face any problem installing WordPress on BlueHost.

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